Growing fresh produce is our heritage and our legacy.  We are owned and operated by the 5th and 6th generations of the Smith Family and represented by the Stag Brand. Crops grown at Smith’s Farm include broccoli, potatoes, and cauliflower. Smith Farm’s growing is concentrated on the East-coast with production in Maine, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Smith’s rich family history in agriculture and reputation for integrity in products and service have made Stag Brand stand out in Eastern Markets for decades.

Smith's Farm Stag Brand Logo


Smith’s Farm will supply our customers with fresh vegetables that represent the Smith’s Farm Family & Stag Brand’s commitment to integrity of service and quality. 


Smith’s Farm will build a sustainable network of farming operations on the East Coast that values people, supplies healthy products and preserves our family legacy of quality and service in agriculture. 

Strong Roots

Leadership Team

About a woman in a broccoli field.

Emily Smith

CEO, Smith's Farm

A man about a field of broccoli.

Zach Smith

COO, Smith's Farm

About a woman amongst cabbage.

Tara Smith Vighetti

President, Smith's Farm Sales

About a bald man.

Peter Hallowell

CFO, Smith's Farm and Smith's Farm Sales

About an older man amongst cabbage.

Lance Smith

Chairman, Smith's Farm and Smith's Farm Sales