We love growing produce, and we also love helping our community grow. For many years, we’ve been setting aside time and resources to share our knowledge and show younger generations the benefits of eating and living healthy. It’s not all broccoli talk, but a lot of it is.

Lil’ Farmers at the Fair

For the past several years, the Northern Maine Fair has put on a program called “Lil’ Farmers at the Fair,” an activity that gives kids the chance to be a farmer for the day. At the various stations they learn what animals eat, how to collect eggs, how to plant, harvest and sell their produce. At the end of the day, it’s all about learning and having fun. We love the program and have donated time and resources to create a Broccoli station where kids can learn about how broccoli is grown and harvested. Sure, it’s educational, but we just love how fun it is. There’s a great video about the program that you can see on YouTube, here.