County farm fills East Coast's broccoli niche


If you go into a supermarket anywhere east of the Mississippi River, odds are high the broccoli displayed in the fresh produce section came from Smith's Farm's fields in Aroostook County … or its fields in northeast Florida.

Of the three retail broccoli growers in Maine selling beyond local markets, two are located in Aroostook County. And of those two, Smith's Farm, by far, is the largest, with a distribution range extending to the Mississippi River. But you won't see the Smith name on that broccoli bunch, only a stag on the rubber band holding the stalks together.

Make no mistake, though, this sixth-generation farming family based in Presque Isle is proud of its broccoli, potatoes and grains. The Stag brand has been the farm's premium label for more than 50 years — initially for potatoes but increasingly over the last 25 years for broccoli as well. What it brands, according to the company's website, is quality, freshness and the integrity of the Smith family's farming practices.

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