Our Story

In 1859 Oliver Carpenter Smith and his wife, Isabelle, cleared land for farming and built the first framed house in Mars Hill, Maine. The rest is history. Since then, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have been planting and harvesting crops in northern Maine. Over five generations of Smiths have farmed this land. Growing is very much a part of who we are, and we believe it shows in what we produce.

Sixth Generation


Smith Packing develops western production in California to supplement winter Florida production and eastern production gaps in the spring.

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Smith’s complete 100,000 square foot rebuild/renovation on Maine cooling and packing facility.

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Summer seasonal trials become a reality in the market as Smith begins shipping Maine Lettuce, Nappa Cabbage, and Bok Choy.

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Maine Summer Cauliflower production begins.

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Implemented Kosher floret program to supply frozen processors for export to Israel.

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Smith Packing implements real time shipping and product traceability program.

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Tara joins the sales team, and becomes a partner in 2012 directing Smith Packing sales and marketing efforts.



Greg Smith’s son, Zachary, becomes a partner in Smith’s Farm.

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Smith introduces popular shrink-wrapped bunch broccoli as product offering.



Southern Expansion - First winter crop in Northeast Florida gives Smith’s 4 more months in the eastern market.

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Lance Smith’s daughter, Emily, becomes a partner in Smith’s Farm.


Fifth Generation


As partners Lance and Greg grow the broccoli program and capture large eastern market share.

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Smith's Begins Production on its first Broccoli Crop

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Third & Fourth Generation

1940 - 1990’s

Herschel Smith grows his farming operation into one of the largest in Maine. He expands his acreage into Westfield, Presque Isle, Caribou, Fort Fairfield and Limestone. He is the first to wash and ship Russets in consumer packages, the first to ship potatoes by truck to city markets, and the first to implement large scale double-washing and sizing of round.

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Harold Smith, Edgar’s son joins his father’s endeavor. They become the first in the region to grow all certified seed potatoes.


First & Second Generation


Oliver’s Son, Edgar Smith, continues his father’s legacy in farming and is the first Smith to farm on a commercial scale.


Oliver Carpenter Smith Clears Land for farming and builds the first frame house in Mars Hill, ME.

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