Sixth Generation a Good Steward of the Land

It is not surprising that Zach Smith sees himself as a custodian of the land for future generations. As a member of the sixth generation to farm the same soil, the 26-year-old is appreciative of what has been handed down, both materially and philosophically. 

“I’m proud of my family — my ancestors, my heritage here, the fact that they left something great for me to manage,” said Mr. Smith, who owns Smith’s Farm Inc. with his father, Greg Smith, first cousin Emily Smith and her father, Lance Smith. “I feel like a steward of this land, and I want to return it to the seventh and eighth generations.”

Smith’s Farm Inc. produces broccoli in two locations in northern Maine, Fort Fairfield and Limestone, rotating its crops with neighboring potato growers. Mr. Smith manages 1,800 acres as well as 15 local employees and 75 seasonal workers. The operation was established in 1859.

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