We're not ones to brag, but...

Our Happy Customers love to Brag For Us!

"Tickled" I was just so tickled when I picked up a head of cauliflower at my grocery store in Summerville, SC and saw that it was packed in Presque Isle, Maine. I was born, raised and spent most of my life in Aroostook so I am definitely a County Girl! It made me smile and I thought I would share that with you.

J. Wakefield

We can’t stop buying it! My husband and I found your broccoli at Trader Joe’s in Saugus, MA. We came home and cooked it and could not believe how good it was! It’s the best tasting broccoli we have had in years... a little olive oil and salt and lemon and we are in heaven! Just wanted to let your company know how good it is. We can’t stop buying it! Keep up the good work - thank you!

C. Pasquale
“Great people, great products!”
Sue McCrum
"The broccoli is so yummy! We bought our local Hannaford out!"
Angela McKenney
“Definitely delicious! Thank you Smith's Farm, you’re the Best”
Afton Cronkhite

a Fresh Summer Delight

If you haven’t picked up some of Smith's Farm romaine lettuce, you should! Try it out on the grill, add a little salt & pepper, olive oil and top off with Parmesan cheese…a fresh summer delight!
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