Maine Growing Season: The Cycle Continues 

A tractor in a field during the Maine growing season, with trees in the background.

The Culmination of the Maine Growing Season As nature’s canvas transforms into a vibrant display of colorful leaves and crisp frosty mornings start to greet us, we at Smith’s Farm are reminded of the cyclical beauty that signifies not only the approaching winter season but also the culmination of our Maine growing season. We invite […]

Ensuring Safe Produce: Smith’s Farm Earns Perfect Score!

Two men are safely packing lettuce in boxes on a truck.

In an era where consumers prioritize their health and well-being more than ever before, the significance of food safety cannot be overstated. Ensuring that the food we consume is free from harmful contaminants and toxins is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to announce that we recently conducted a food […]

Cauliflower History: The Coolest Vegetable

A bunch of cauliflower on a table.

We all know that cauliflower is one of the cool kids in the cruciferous vegetable family. But did you know that there is a rich cauliflower history that spans centuries and continents? It all started in the eastern Mediterranean region where this veggie was first grown as a food crop by the ancient Romans. Who […]