Smith’s brings personal touch to broccoli business

H. Smith Packing Co. offers something that few other broccoli shippers can lay claim to: complete control of its product from seed to sale.

“We are different from our competition in that we manage our product every step of the way, from planting and harvesting to packing and cooling,” said Tara Smith Vighetti, director of marketing for the Presque Isle, ME-based grower-shipper. “Few, if any, other shippers can make that claim as many contract out one or more of those parts of the business.”

H. Smith Packing also offers a personal touch on other aspects of its business, said Ms. Smith Vighetti. For example, product is grown specifically for clients based on their product specifications.

“Most of our clients have custom specifications that go beyond USDA No. 1,” she said. “Some might like a darker product while others might require a certain size stalk. The fact that we offer that service is one of our competitive advantages.”

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