Broccoli Marketing & Merchandising for the Fall Season

Broccoli Marketing & Merchandising for the Fall Season

Merchandising Broccoli

A Grocer’s Guide to Fall Broccoli Sales

With the fall months approaching comes the promise of cooler weather, back to school, and key opportunities for boosting sales. This year, make sure broccoli is included in the fun with strategic marketing, both in-store and online. From featuring fall-friendly recipes at in-store demos to tapping into social media conversations, here are some creative ways retailers can put Smith’s Farm produce at the forefront this fall. 

Fall-Friendly Broccoli Recipes

Fall broccoli recipe

While the star of the fall season might be pumpkin spice, warmer dishes also start to make an appearance. This is a great opportunity for consumers to enjoy broccoli in new and delicious ways. Soups and casseroles are easy and great ways to create a soul-warming dish as the temperature starts to drop. Broccoli-Cauliflower Soup is a classic way to get plenty of veggies to help boost the immune system. 

Including recipe cards or having an in-store demo of a fall-centered broccoli recipe is a great way to promote the vegetable and encourage consumers to step out of their comfort zone and try a new recipe. These recipes can also easily be shared on social media to help shoppers plan meals before they come to the store.

Share a Meet the Farmer Q&A on Your Blog

Broccoli farmer

Everyone loves knowing where their produce is coming from. Many individuals pride themselves on only buying vegetables that come from sustainable farms that are dedicated to protecting the environment. Here at Smith’s Farm, we implement a variety of sustainable farming practices to ensure that our family farm will be around for generations to come. 
Reaching out to our team at Smith’s Farm for a brief Q&A offers an opportunity to showcase where produce you have invested in is sourced. This blog can also be shared across social channels, and within email blasts for engaging content. Contact us today to get in touch with someone from Smith’s Farm today to set up a Q&A with a farmer!

Get the Kids Cooking Broccoli with Back-to-School Recipes

Back to school

With kiddos heading back to school, it is a fantastic time to promote kid-friendly veggie recipes. Letting children help in the kitchen after school is a great way to encourage education at mealtime. They can also work on their hand-eye skills by allowing older kids to assist with chopping up vegetables, and the younger kids can wash the produce. 

Most kids are not keen on eating their veggies, but there are plenty of ways to sneak greens into their meals seamlessly. One great way is with Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese. This childhood favorite combines the cheesy goodness of noodles with the addition of broccoli for extra vitamins. 

To persuade parents to buy fresh vegetables this back-to-school season, retailers can offer simple recipe ideas that take the stress out of meal planning. Cross-merchandising with meal prep tools like child-safe knives or colorful storage containers can also help encourage parents to get their kids in the kitchen. You can also share fun and easy recipes for families on social media to help inspire parents.

Keep Health at the Forefront


It is no surprise that during the cooler months sickness starts to increase. During this time it is important to increase the number of vitamins and minerals that we are including in our everyday diet. Most people assume that they can only get the recommended amount of vitamin C from oranges, but there are plenty of other ways to get vitamin C, like broccoli. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that can help protect the body against infection during the cold and flu season. To drive broccoli sales, retailers can make access to vegetables easy and accessible. Messaging should emphasize the health value of these vegetables, focusing on their powerful vitamin C and selenium content. For images featuring broccoli to use on social media to promote health benefits, click here.

If you’d like to see how Smith’s Farm broccoli can be featured in your retail displays for the fall, get in touch with our sales team today. Already a Smith’s Farm grocer? Contact our team to learn about enhancing your displays, in-store demos, and more.