Grower Spotlight February 2021

Meet Heath Wetherington, our grower spotlight for February 2021! Heath was born and raised in Georgia. He has 5 beautiful daughters from ages 6-16 and enjoys coaching their softball teams and attending their soccer games, and golf matches on the weekend.

Heath grew up on a farm and spent most of his days helping his father and grandfather with the cows and crops like peanuts, watermelon, and tobacco. As he got older, his friends would come and stay with him and his family at the farm every summer. They worked long and hard in the tobacco fields all summer long, but according to Heath, those were some of the fondest memories he has as they always had a lot of fun!

After graduating from Valdosta State University, Heath started working with his inlaws, the Bakers of Baker Family Farms. About 5 years later he partnered with Ben Hickey, and together they formed H&W Farms, a sister company to Baker Farms. Baker Family Farms grows approximately 2,000 acres of greens like kale, turnips, and mustard greens and H&W Farms grows approximately 3,000 acres of mixed greens including broccoli, cauliflower, cilantro, spinach, beets, cabbage, turnip roots, and more! They love what they do and have loved watching their businesses flourish over the past few years. Heath mentioned how much they enjoy their relationship with the Smith’s and are so grateful for the opportunity of working with Smith’s Farm.