Employee Spotlight January 2019

Gary Allman

Gary Allman is the gate keeper extraordinaire to Smith’s Farm Florida operations. He has been a part of the Smith family for over 23 years! Gary is the go-to guy that can tell you anything about the Florida harvest- planting and harvest schedules, cooling processes, warehousing, shipping, and so much more. Smith’s Farm is a seed-to-sale operation, and Gary is knowledgeable and involved in every step of the process.

Gary can be found in the fields or the cooler almost every single day of the year- his devotion and incredible work ethic is instrumental in getting fresh broccoli to your local grocery store in the winter months!

The constant pressure Gary is under is not what you see when you meet him. He is one of the most likeable people you could ever encounter, evident by how highly respected and liked he is by everyone from the harvest crew, to the truck drivers, to his colleagues at Smith’s Farm. Gary has an incredible work ethic, a strong drive for success and knows this business inside and out.

Thank you Gary for your hard work and dedication to Smith’s Farm!